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"You CAN love

      coffee AND oils"

               -Lindsay Teague Moreno

Spruce Tree

I'm so glad you're here!

If you're looking for Essential Oils you've come to

the right place! I have an amazing team ready to

help you understand what all the fuss is about.

We look forward to educating you and helping you on your health journey with Young Living Essential Oils!

Have a look around......ask questions.....get your oily kit on its way.....and see your life change!

Many Blessings,

Jodi Gillespie


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What is an essential oil?

Why should I use them?

How do I use them?

Why Young Living?

Answers to these and many more questions on the Oily Info page, along with videos, audios, podcasts and more.

DIY, Recipes, Oils, 
Tutorials & More!

I LOVE tackling projects myself..... I also LOVE doing things the "old fashioned way"....and I especially LOVE saving money by making things at home.  Join me as I share essential oil recipes, kitchen tutorials, DIY projects and random blogs in "A Pinch of Chaos". 

Seedlings from a Young Living greenhouse
Butterfly on Lavender Plant
Get Started With Young Living 

There are several kits available for an incredible value, which one is right for you?


See the many ways you can get Young Living into your hands. 

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