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Well Hello....

I'm Jodi and this is the website for my amazing team of oilers, I like to call us Beautifully Blessed. "Why you ask? " Because we are!! God has blessed us, in so many ways; in good times and in bad, in happy and in sad, in peace and in chaos. He has blessed us over and over, and THAT my friends, is a beautiful thing!

"So what does this have to do with essential oils?" EVERYTHING!! Did you know that essential oils come from the very plants God created? He created each one for a specific purpose. To seek out and repair information within our bodies that has become miswritten. They truly are little drops of plant power!!!

Essential oils are the easiest tool any person could use for themselves, their loved ones, and even their pets!! They keep our bodies working just the way God intended. They also smell amazing without the toxic gunk you get from synthetic scents. 


Why buy essential oils through our team?


We have so much to offer you!! We are diverse in our knowledge and personalities, we have an amazing community with our own private Facebook group, a members only section on this website chalked full of oily info to help you understand essential oils and so much more!!


Plus, when you join Young Living through our team you will receive an oily welcome kit that includes educational material, a fun starter bag with roll on bottles, veggie capsules, carrier oil and more!! The perfect companion to get you using your oils right away!


Essential Oils can be very overwhelming, but with people to educate you every step of the way.....we make this journey simple. 

We hope you will join us!

About Jodi

I am an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, who is building a business from home while juggling a household of 9.


I would love to get you started with Young Living! To educate you on how to use essential oils, share with you how easy it is to use them, and help you find YL products that can help you and your family become toxin free and be on the path to wellness!!  I can even help you build a business with Young Living to get your oils for free AND earn an income with Young Living!!


I want to share my journey with essential oils, the DIY projects I love, tips and tricks for the modern day “homemaker” and some random stuff I think people might find interesting through my blog "A Pinch of Chaos".

If you already know about Young Living and their amazing products click here to get started on your oily journey to wellness with me!

If you have never heard of essential oils or Young Living, I hope you find this website very insightful and informative. Please….ask me questions.  I am here to help you find the answers!!


I can't wait to help you get started using these amazing drops of plant power!

Many Blessings to You!
Jodi Gillespie 

Independent Distributor #2967092

"I would love the opportunity to be your guide on this journey to wellness! Please click my picture to get started!"
About this website


Beautifully Blessed Oilers is a website dedicated to sharing education about Young Living Essential Oils and the outstanding products they produce.  I am passionate about living toxin free in our home, in the products we use and in what we put in our bodies (for the most part....we do have our indulgences☺️).  

As a busy Mom trying to keep everything and everyone going, I wanted a place to send my “oily” people to, a "one stop shop" if you will, to learn about essential oils quickly and in a straight forward manner without being overwhelmed.  I never found such a place……so I created one!!


If you are new to essential oils and are looking for information, you came to the right place!!  I am a total “black and white”, “don’t beat around the bush”, “give me the facts”, “get to the point”, “I don’t have time for long explanations” kind of girl!!  I have placed all my favorite starting points here in an easy to understand way, with more information to come as this website and my business grows.

I have also added a "members only" section as an added bonus for joining our team.

Me (and my husband) on our way to our first Young Living Convention.  This was only our 2nd time to fly and our first time flying by ourselves.  Waiting in line in the Denver was a little STRESSFUL!!!

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