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How This Works

Young Living is a Wholesale, 
Network Marketing Company


What this means:

Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to sell products in retail stores, Young Living has chosen to give that money to their hard working, Independent Distributors and let them do the advertising by word of mouth to their friends and family. This is an awesome business model, as there is the opportunity for many to be successful instead of just a handful at the top of the company. 

To receive the discounted price on Young Living's products, you must become a wholesale member. Unlike other companies, who charge a yearly membership fee, with Young Living there is NO FEE when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit. Once you are a member with Young Living, you are a member for life!!

The only requirement Young Living has is that you purchase 50pv ($50) a year to keep your account in "active status". If you don't meet the yearly requirement, your account goes "inactive" and you lose your online access to the Virtual Office for ordering. To reactivate your account simply call Young Living and place a 50pv order any time, any year, there's no timeline to reactivate!! That's it!! So simple!

Any wholesale member also has the opportunity to share Young Living with those they know. For every person who joins with a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living with thank them with a $50 bonus!! Many people find it is so simple to grow a business without even trying....they just share their passion for Young Living with others and it replicates.

The Kits

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