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Jodi Gillespie


I've been with Young Living since June of 2015. My journey began fast and furious.....and it hasn't slowed down since!! I became very passionate about the toxins in our home once I became aware of how smothered we are in them!! There are toxins EVERYWHERE!! And main stream producers are very cunning about hiding them in their products......even the ones labeled "natural" and "organic!!  

I began building a business with Young Living in August of 2017 after attending the International Grand Convention. Before that I shared just enough to get my oils for free. Now I actively share and grow my business with person to person relationships. 

I want to guide my oily tribe in the most simple and straight forward ways possible; to make the information I share duplicable so ANYONE can share Young Living with their friends and family.......why keep these little drops of heaven to ourselves?

Will you join me on this journey and say goodbye to the toxins in your life?

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Seed to Seal CBD through Nature's Ultra

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