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I have compiled some of my favorite tools for sharing in one convenient location.

This is excellent, simple info to jumpstart your journey to a toxin free lifestyle with Young Living Essential Oils.

Remember, when you join Young Living through one of our team members, you'll gain access to even more oily info!!

Oily Info

What is an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is the life blood of the plant; a volatile, aromatic liquid that evaporates rapidly.  They come from parts of the plant such as bark, leaves, flowers, resin, roots, rind and seeds.  They carry information throughout the plant, work hard to protect the plant, and keep the plant healthy.


They are extracted through careful steam distillation, absolute oil extraction, resin tapping, and cold pressing. Through the careful research of D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living, and his Seed to Seal process, he has perfected the art of distilling essential oils so that the oil is just as alive in the bottle as it was in the plant.


Young Living Essential Oils are highly concentrated.  For most applications, 1 drop is all it takes to be effective.

How do Young Living
Essential Oils work?

Young Living Essential Oils are so pure, they work in our bodies the same way they worked in the plants.

They are high in antioxidants, working hard to combat free radicals.

YLEO's are high in frequency; the electrical current that is contained in all living things given during creation.  The higher the body frequency is, the healthier the person.

They also contain special constituents that have the power to find miswritten information within the body's cell and rewrite it back to the way it was at creation.

What sets Young Living apart from all the rest?

The Seed to Seal promise of purity!!

How do I know which oils to use?

The best your own research.  Only you know your body best, so what works for one person might not work for you and vice versa. Research and trial and error are the best ways to find the perfect oils for your body's needs. However, don't be discouraged if an oil doesn't work like you wanted it to; it is still doing great things in your body regardless!

There are many, many great books available for research.  I personally like the ones available through Life Science Publishing.

Until you have a chance to dive into an oily book, this quiz from is a great starting place to see what oils and oil infused products are most suggested for you according to your body systems. You can also take the online version here: 

Seed and Soul Adventures - Body Systems Quiz

Hormones Balance and Supplements

By Dr Sharnael and Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton

   Awesome video!  Not only about hormones

but over all health too.


Seed to Seal CBD through Nature's Ultra

Nature's Ultra.jpg

Essential Oils 101 AUDIO

By Sarah Harnisch

Essential Oils 101 VIDEO

By Sarah Harnisch

Essential Oil Starter Guide

by Oil Revolution Designs

2019 Product Guide

View all the amazing products Young Living

has to offer in one beautiful place

Discover Your Young Living Lifestyle

"Clean" Makeup

with Savvy Minerals

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