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Chocolate Fluff

Sooo.....we had the school’s annual FFA banquet last night. Normally we have this the end of April, but thanks to the pandemic...well you know....I’m just super glad we still had it even if it was almost 2 months late.

Tucker T. and Riley Jon both love FFA - Future Farmers of America. Tucker is next year’s Vice President; he earned an award for selling the most FFA food for their yearly fundraiser. Riley Jon achieved his Green Hand this year, so he also got an award. They learn so much from this program...from learning cuts of meat, to quality of milk and cheese, to welding, learning about grain, agribusiness and so many other important subjects that come with growing up and working in a farming community.

I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with notifications, especially if they come in the mail. So, when Tucker told me yesterday morning that they were having the FFA banquet last night I was in the dark. So naturally I asked him if there was anything I needed to bring. He said no (he’s a kid of very few details). Thinking because of the pandemic maybe we were having sack lunches or something... so I didn’t give it much of a thought.

Until...I remembered one year when I was supposed to bring something but trusted that he knew what he was talking about, but then felt like a fool when I showed up empty-handed!!

So at 4:00 I decided to get confirmation from another parent that Tucker was correct....

And of course he wasn’t....

The Junior parents were each supposed to bring a dessert. I already had a roast in the oven for the kids, and our grill was still at the building from prom, so to bake something was out of the question, plus it had to be ready before 7:00. So I quickly ran to the store to grab ingredients to make Tucker‘s favorite...Chocolate Fluff.

Every time I take this places, people rave over it, and always ask for the recipe. When I tell them what’s in it they’re shocked that it could be so simple. I was too the first time I had it at Lafe’s Aunt Fonda's house.

It’s so simple, yet so decadent, delicious, and the kind of thing you just can’t quit eating.

So if you need a quick throw together dessert that will go over amazingly well, look no further than Oreo’s and Cool Whip. That’s it.

Play with the proportions until you get it the way you like it, but generally I use one container of family size Oreos to 2 regular size containers of Cool Whip.

Simply crush up the Oreos in a zip lock bag then mix together with the Cool Whip. It’s best to make this the night before and leave it covered in the refrigerator so the Oreos can start to get mushy and the flavors mix together. But, if you’re short on time, leave it set at room temperature and stir every 15 minutes until you’re ready to serve so that the Oreos can start to break down a little bit.

Double stuff Oreos are good too, and mint Oreos are nice for a refreshing twist. This is not a recipe that you can skimp and buy store brand ingredients me, you will not like it nearly as well.

I assure you your dish will be cleaned out before you can go back for seconds!!!

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