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Conquer Seasonal Annoyances

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

How to love springtime again...naturally...even when things start to bloom...

Never did I dream I would have first hand experience with this subject...because I had never been sensitive to anything in my life!! Until...I was pregnant with baby #5...our first daughter.

It is still such a quandry to me, the crazy things that can change through pregnancy...and many of them we have no answers.

At any rate though, I became to dislike blooming cedar trees that spring of 2009 and every spring since!!

Thank the good Lord it only made me miserable for about 2 weeks each spring. Everything from the neck up would itch like I have never experienced before in my life!!! Especially the roof of my mouth!! Which is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to scratch!!

Since I was pregnant at that time, there was nothing I could do but suffer through. Then, the next spring I was breastfeeding, so still super limited on what I could do. But honestly, before I learned this natural trick in 2012, the common products I did try made me even more miserable than the annoyances I was trying to erase. So, eventually I just knew I was going to be miserable every spring until I was introduced to Young Living.

The first several springs after I started my oily journey, I would mix these oils in a roller bottle and use them topically as needed. It worked amazingly to alleviate the annoying itch!!

Then, a friend told me she used the same oils for her husband, only he took them in a capsule a month before he needed them and it stopped the problem altogether!! THIS sounded amazing to me!! Because...not only would I avoid the uncomfortallness altogether, but these oils do amazing things in the body to bring balance to so many systems. So it's a total win!! is what I do the bginning of March, knowing that the beginning of April is when things are gonna get ugly (well beautifully green, but you know what I mean. lol)

*I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils because I know they are pure. Learn more here.

The Recipe

Combine 30 drops of each of these Young Living Essential Oils in an empty 15 ml bottle.

Young Living offers the same oils in a Vitality line that are labeled for internal use, so I know these same oils in the colored labelled bottles are generally regarded as safe to consume.

• Lavender

• Lemon

• Peppermint

• Copaiba

- The Copaiba is totally optional, but I like to add it to help magnify the effect of the blend. Plus it is well know to support healthy joints and muscles, so it's a no brainer in my books.

- After combining the oils in an empty bottle, take 6 drops of this blend in water, juice, Ningxia Red or in a capsule topped off with V6 in the morning for 3 days.

- Then take 6 drops morning and night for 3 days.

- Then take 6 drops morning, noon and night for a week.

- Then taper back down to one a day in the morning until the time of year when you are most miserable passes.

If you start to be annoyed again, start the regimen over. And you can completely modify this for your body's needs. If it's too much, do less, and visa versa.

If putting this in a capsule, you can make them up ahead of time using a capsule mold and keep them in a closed jar in the fridge to make them quicker to consume!! I love YL Clear Vegetable Capsules and V6 Vegetable Oil Complex. If you have a sensitivity to wheat try using this carrier oil.

I love using essential oils because I have unlimited options. Here are some more of the ways I use this amazing recipe:

- In a roller bottle: 15 drops of each oil in a 15ml roller bottle topped off with V6 for children who aren’t big enough yet to swallow pills and also to have around if the miserable feeling hits before you have a good resistance built up in your body.

- As a tincture: 20 drops of each oil in a recycled 15ml bottle, add a drop or 2 of stevia then top off with carrier oil. Add a dropper and you have a convenient tincture everyone in the family can use. Take a couple drops daily under the tongue.

- Optional oils: I have yet to personally try this, but I know some people who will add Digize to this recipe, or fennel (which is in Digize). I use Digize all the time when I’m feeling congested, so would stand to reason why it would help!

If you have never used oils before, be certain that you drink plenty of water while on this regimen.

I would love to help you get these oils in your home and teach you how to use them! You can message me here to get yours, or click this link to order now!!

**I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. This is my personal story. This is what I personally do and have seen positive results from. Individual results vary. Consistency matters. Great places to do your own research:

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