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DIY Thieves Cleaning Fizzies

These are the bomb.....literally!!!!! We made these DIY Thieves Cleaning Fizzies at a Make ‘n Take class recently. I found this super cute mold at DG for a buck!!!! It’s perfect!!!! Use these little “bombs” for hard to clean bottles, toilets, tubs, dirty dishes, stinky sinks, washers and more!!! Toss in water and let sit for 20 minutes....then clean as usual!! Viola!! A clean house that is free of germs, toxin free, smells amazing and so sparkly!!

For the official recipe:…/diy-thieves-cleaning-fizzies/

My version: 1/2c. Baking Soda 1/4c. Lemishine (I couldn’t find powdered ascorbic acid on short notice in Quinter) 1/4c. Cornstarch 2t. Water 1 1/2t. V6 Vegetable Oil Complex 10 Drops Thieves 10 Drops Lemon

Mix dry ingredients together. In a separate bowl mix wet ingredients. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and work until combined. Press into mold and let dry 24 hours. Store in airtight glass container. *The original recipe from the Young Living blog makes 2 molds, my recipe is just enough to fill one. Each fizzy is about a the size of a large grape and there are 21 in each mold.

***Not a Young Living member yet???? I can hook you up so you can get your oils at cost!!!

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