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So why is my hashtag A Pinch of Chaos????

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

If you have wondered why I would pick a "not so inviting" hashtag and name for my blog such as A Pinch of Chaos.....then this pretty much sums it up.....

This is my first go at cold brew. I didn't even know this was a thing you could do with regular coffee until a coffee loving friend shared it on Instagram.

So, after I cleaned up the krispie mess my 2 year old had made while I was sick in bed Wednesday, and the destroyed kitchen mess (I kid you not, every dish was dirty) that was still left from a fun evening of a Young Living Make 'n Take I hosted with a bunch of fun ladies on Tuesday, I had been working all day yesterday sharing a flash sale YL surprised us with, so all the cleaning had to wait until everyone was in bed, at 3:00 this morning after my work was finally done, I randomly decided I wanted to try this "cold brew" coffee. The recipe I found said it needed to sit for 8 hours. So, it should be ready to drink late morning. Right???

Anyone who knows me, knows I could live on coffee & chocolate!! I LOVE both!! Don't get me wrong, I eat lots of healthy fruits and veggies and other good stuff, but my go to always will be coffee and chocolate. I have had the same cappuccino maker that I bought on my senior sneak in 1996 in Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, CO. To say that was 22 years ago seems ridiculous, because there's NO WAY I've been out of high school THAT LONG, but.....the calendar doesn't lie, so I guess 22 years it is. Anyway......I love this simple Farberware cappuccino maker. It still works just as good today as it did the day I brought it home. make iced lattes is a bit of a pain as the hot latte melts all the ice. Logical right???

So the thought of always having your coffee cold from the get go sounds fabulous!!

I couldn't wait to try it this morning when I finally drug myself out of bed at the sweet sound of my 2 year old softly calling me "Get me out my cwib Mommy!" (yes he's still in his crib, and until he figures out how to climb over the 3 foot sidewalls he's going to stay there, because this Mommy needs him to take a nap in a moments notice and I don't have time to convince him he needs to stay in a toddler bed) By this time everyone else had snuck off to their perspective spots when Mom's not looking (i.e. Grandma's house just next door).

I strained my cold brew, poured a little over ice, added some water, cream and a little sugar and couldn't wait to taste this heavenly was very weak. Added a little more brew, a little more cream......still weak. So, I used all the cold brew concentrate and thought I'll have a hot latte from my machine and I'll put the cold brew in the freezer to keep the ice from melting. I'll put it in the fridge in an hour and enjoy it later this afternoon.

Flash forward 6 hours.

I answered many messages today, shared my YL promo with more prospects, got kids dressed, talked on the phone to more YL people, fixed Nutella cracker sandwiches for kids, changed 2 year old out of wet clothes because if its above freezing outside the hose is on the trampoline......finally a shower, then a fabulous meeting with a new Young Living member, then more snacks for the kids.....crap!!!! The bank closes in 15 minutes and I have to get a deposit there before they close, plus the lumberyard, flower shop, and grocery store.......and several other chaotic moments throughout the day. UGH.

When I remembered I had this delicious treat waiting for me still in the freezer, this is what I found. Frozen cold brew in a broken jar, with dripped coffee allover my freezer. Yep.

This. Is. My. Life.

I am Beautifully Blessed. My life is full of fun and frustration. It is full of faith and God and His grace. It is full of love and laughs and patience. It is full of excitement and wonder. All topped off with A Pinch of Chaos.

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