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Where do I even begin......

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

I have tossed ideas back and forth, time and time again over the past year, but I have yet to write my first blog. What do I say? How do I say it? How much information do I give out? Do I lay it all out? Do I only share a little? Do I really want to commit to this????? I don’t just blurb out something, this super awesome blog from all these ideas in my head will never manifest into the fabulous bit of fun I think it will be!!

The Gillespie Family - October 2016

Since falling in love with Young Living Essential Oils, I have wanted to share so many different things I have done with them, that I have loved. Making fun DIYs has sparked a want in me to share more of the fun things I do, along with crazy stories of our family.....I've been encouraged by many to write a book.......I doubt that will ever happen, but a blog containing funny stories about life with boys is doable!! LOL goes nothin’.....

Hi! My name is Jodi. I live in a small town in Northwest Kansas, only 30 miles from where I grew up. I haven’t lived a very adventurous life as far as the places I have lived, pretty boring actually. My husband and I have been married for almost 21 years; he is my best friend and my partner in crime if you will! We have 6 children on earth (5 boys and one little girl) and a son named baby Abel we will meet in heaven one day.

I owned a salon for 14 years until baby number 5 was on the way, and thank the good Lord I was able to sell it before she was born and become a stay at home mom. I never, ever wanted to work again, because honestly, running a household of 8 is a full-time job!! Especially when your husband is self employed in the Ag business. There is no such thing as set hours or set pay. But it does give us time freedom and that means a lot!!

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in June 2015 by a very close cousin of mine at a family reunion. She spoke very passionately about Frankincense, Thieves, Progessence Plus, Purification and others. She is a very "green" personality (the type that researches a lot before making a purchase) so I knew that for her to speak so passionately about these "oils" they must be something pretty darn amazing!!

After our conversation, I dove in with both feet and started researching myself. Anything I could get my hands on about Young Living Essential Oils.....the next 3 days were crazy!!! It was like a door had just been opened to a magical land that I couldn't believe I had never heard of before!! I was head over heals in love with something that I hadn't yet experienced in person.....I couldn't wait to get signed up!!

I called my cousin to get her member number so I could order my Premium Starter Kit. She had not signed anyone up yet, so she had to call her upline to figure out what to do. The process was super simple, I just needed her number to get my kit on it's way.

I could not wait!!! When my kit arrived I was so giddy with excitement to smell these amazing little drops of heaven she spoke so passionately about.....I immediately went to work making many of the DIY recipes I had found on Pinterest. I blew through my first kit in no time and ordered another one!!! I was switching out any and all products in my home I possibly could, mostly name brand ones filled with toxins I was unaware of. It was so fun making homemade non-toxic products made with Young Living Essential Oils out of basic, organic ingredients (and yes the UPS man was stopping quite frequently delivering Amazon orders full of ingredients and containers I needed).

Did you know everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream then metabolized in your liver? I have always been cautious about what I put in my body, but never thought about what I put on my body......including laundry detergent, fabric softener, scented lotion and perfume!!! What an eye opener this was!!! So many of the products I was using, even though they were good products, were not healthy for my body (or my family). Many of them contained phthalates, endocrine disrupters, carcinogens and more yucky toxins!

As my research continued my mind was blown by what I was discovering. There is nothing set in place in the US to keep manufacturers from putting harmful ingredients in their products. In the US, an ingredient is considered safe to use until proven unsafe........doesn't that just send a chill down your spine????? you can see my journey with Young Living started off with a bang!! I quickly knew that if I was going to afford my Young Living "wants" I was going to have to make it self sufficient.

Luckily with network marketing you set your own hours and work at your own pace. So I don't techniquely consider myself "back to work" because I'm still at home everyday with our 2 youngest, and never miss an activity for our school age children. But things have been a bit on the crazy side trying to keep up with kids, church, house, bills........and LAUNDRY since starting my Young Living business!!!! I do a little bit with Young Living everyday, but have some days I do nothing if life doesn't allow it. IT IS THE BEST JOB EVER!!!

A year ago I went to the Young Living International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and that was when I really decided to make a business out of my passion. Before that I was sharing with just enough people to get my oils for I do that AND get a pay check!! It's a win-win.

Now, this blog is far from being just about oils; I love to bake, sew, crochet, garden, wood work, and like I said before, I have so many funny stories to share about raising our children. I'm not a planner, so I have no idea where this blog will go, what it will contain, how often I will post and I don't guarantee it will be consistent. but I do think you will be entertained. I have some great ideas I want to share that I feel are pretty authentic.

I am humble. I am real. I am straightforward. I am honest. I am passionate. I am caring. I am child of God.

I'm also just a mom and wife who is trying to keep from drowning most days. I hope you enjoy what I have to share. And above all.......I hope you can laugh with me.

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