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Walk in Wellness

Oh good!! You heard my commercial. I'm so glad it peaked your interest!!


This is meant to be an informative class sent via text message, but I have adjusted to fit on the web.

I hope it is eye opening for you!!



Have your ever heard of an Endocrine Disruptor? 


I hadn't until I was introduced to Young Living in 2015. 


An Endocrine Disruptor is a chemical that mimics a hormone and tricks your body into thinking it is the real thing, thus wreaking havoc on the Endocrine System (your hormones). This can cause adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, immune effects and more.


One of the largest Endocrine Disruptors in products today is scent or "fragrance".


Did you know that in the US companies can use any ingredient in their product under "fragrance" and not disclose what it is due to "trade secret"? In the US a product is assumed safe until proven otherwise.


Some of the worst offenders are scented candles/wax, air fresheners, scented lotions, fabric softener, dryer sheets, perfume, and so many others with synthetic scent.

Here is a great video about Endocrine Diruptors and the chemicals we are exposed to.


Endocrine disruptors are one of the most common toxins harming us, but there are many others to look out for also.


Since World War ll, the chemical revolution in the US has exploded, with more than 80,000 toxic chemicals being used in our consumer products. According to the EPA, 20% of these chemicals are used under the label of “fragrance”.


Our world has become a giant bowl of chemical soup!! This graphic shows what the most widely used toxic chemicals are, where they are found, and what ailments they are linked to.


I know what you’re thinking......I’ve been using the same products all my life, how could that possibly be what’s causing my problems?


It's called bioaccumulation; the process by which our body accumulates toxins faster than it can eliminate them. 


A little bit of these toxic chemicals won't hurt you, but using a little bit over time adds up. Everything we breath in and put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.


When these toxins become more than our body can flush out, they accumulate and become problems for our cells.


Many consumer companies have caught on to the need to produce more natural products by going "green".


Don't be fooled!! There is no jurisdiction in the US to hold producers accountable for their marketing. 


Products labeled “green” or “all natural” most of the time actually contain the same harmful chemicals. This practice is called “greenwashing”; misleading marketing to make products appear safer.


“All natural” and “green” doesn’t necessarily mean non-toxic. Many naturally occurring chemicals, such as arsenic, mercury, and formaldehyde, are poisonous. It can be overwhelming to think about all the toxins to which we are exposed.


While it may not be possible to avoid ALL toxins in our lives, there are plenty of ways to significantly reduce your family’s exposure through simple lifestyle changes.


When I first heard this information I thought NO WAY!!! How could I have been exposing my family to so many toxins??? 


I don't buy any food that is premade, I make everything from scratch, I grow and can my own food, we butcher our own beef....


I thought I was already living without toxins, but then I started flipping labels. I looked at my cleaning and laundry products, make up, personal care products and supplements, and I was shocked!!


I encourage you to do the same!! There is a free app called THINK DIRTY. Simply download the app, scan the barcode of your products and it will tell you on a scale of 1-10 how safe it is.


One product I had used on all my children since birth had a score of NINE!!! It was carcinogenic all because of the fragrance that was in it!!!


If your product isn't in the database, google the ingredient and put "dangers of" infront of it. You will more than likely be shocked by what you discover!!!


When we know better, we do better.


Young Living Essential Oils is a pioneer company of twenty plus years and is still family owned by the founders. 


They truly put their members first and take every step to ensure the highest standards and purest products on the planet with their Seed to Seal promise. You can learn about it here.


Since we can't trust mainstream companies, nor even labels, it's so reassuring that a company does exist that is truly what they say they are. 


I am so thankful I was introduced to Young Living!! They have everything that I used to buy at a discount store plus a whole lot more!! 


With over 600 products, they offer pure, highly concentrated, that work so exceptionally well!! 


I save money since a little bit goes a long way, plus since I have detoxed my body with these clean products, so much less product is needed, like shampoo, deodorant, and lotion.


To get an idea of how you can ditch the toxic products and switch to Young Living, print out this form and compare.


Whether you are ready to jump in with both feet and do a total household ditch and switch, or start slowly with one or two products a month, Young Living has so many options for you!!


Do a total family and house detox: Everyday Oils Kit


Switch out your cleaning and laundry: Thieves Kit


Makeover your makeup: Savvy Minerals Kit


Give all your systems a boost: Ningxia Red Kit


I look forward to helping you and your family eliminate toxins from your life so you can feel better: physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.


If you don't want to wait for me to get you started, you can get started yourself here.​


I can't wait to help you walk in wellness!!!


Many Blessings,


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